Twin brothers Born in Belgrade Serbia in 1991, enrolled in the Belgrade high school of design in 2006, after finishing high school in 2010 both started studies at the University of Applied arts Vienna, Class Kartak Graphic design. Since moving back to Belgrade, Serbia in the beginning of 2015, after finishing their design studies in Vienna, they’ve switched their focus in the medium of fine art and studio work, from figurative forms depicted in earlier works to a new body of work which is in essence focused more on forms, color and compositions.

Interplaying the influence and forms of the natural world that surrounds us with the unnatural world of flat opaque colors and letter based forms, constructing the image with subconscious gestures and shapes, arranged and executed in a very conscious way, working on corresponding to the ideal of abstract art, the push and pull of contrasting elements.

Alongside this mentality and approach, a large part of their work and process is as well based on the friction in between the two of them where there is created a difference of opinion throughout the process, they believe that it is a powerful element in helping them come to the best possible solution for their artwork.

At the same time being twins and spending a large amount of time together since they were born, there is a mentality which is very similar and very different at the same time, thus creating a scenario of one artist with two different minds working on a set goal and when those two minds find harmony this is where the process begins and where they find individuality in the way they work.

“As graffiti writers one of the main goals we wished to achieve was the highest levels of impact in our work. To create work which purpose was to catch your eye in the moment while you are passing by and to stand out from all the surrounding clutter and noise of the environment”.

In the studio work they tried to retain the sensibility they have developed through working with graffiti in the outdoor setting, but at the same time try to create a new representation of the same energy.

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