FROGLIT (Limited edition)

by Jack Sachs

FROGLIT (Limited edition)

Candle Holder


Isn’t he a juggling frog?


Yes he is and he is very good at it.

We’re excited to introduce you to Froglit, our new limited edition born from the collaboration with the international artist Jack Sachs.


Let him bring light and style in your life!


This edition is completely handcrafted in Italy.




Size: 225x205x45mm
Material: Ceramic
Finish: Gloss
Decoration: Hand painted
Edition: 15 pieces 


Each piece has a different color combination

This makes each Froglit a unique piece.

It is not possible to choose the color combination.

Your Froglit will be randomly chosen.




Hard cardboard box with custom foil stamping.


The packaging materials within this package serve only as protection for the product within.

All packaging is just a protection against damage. We cannot replace any packaging even if it is damaged.


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